Music brings us together in celebration

Music is an inspiring and fascinating celebration of life. We allow ourselves to connect with ourselves and eachother here in the now, interpreting the present moment into music and inspirational lyrics. Every voyage is different, and always full of presence and love.

Recording from Live Session @ Ecstatic Rhythms 11 June 2016

Live @ Malmö Live – Wind Wall Exhibition


Rico Persson
Bolon Bata, Hang Drum, Daf, Ngoni

Johan Alexandersson
Ngoni, Aludu, Didgeridoo, Calabass


Guest musicians:

Joakim Roos
Voice, Flute, Guitar, Jew´s harp, Clay pigeon

Aleider Bernal Cordoba

Hanna Samira

Matti Nilsson
Voice, Sitar, Guitar, Clarinett

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