AcroYoga Malmö invites all acro people, in and around Skåne, to an evening of delicious hangout, reunion and therapeutic rehabilitation before Christmas.

We fill the evening with guided sessions of massage, both flying and thai and we’ll be accompanied with live music. Afterwards the space is open for julmys with glögg and potluck. Everyone is welcome to bring something tasty to share with others.

We are very happy to invite the amazing musicians of Härvaro – Rico Persson, Joakim Roos och Johan Alexandersson – who will share melodies, rythms and vibrations from hangdrum, ngoni and flute.

18.00 – 20.00 Guided Lunar Session
– Partner yoga, flying massage and thai massage
– Bring yogamat, your cosiest pillow and a blanket!
– No previous experience needed. No partner needed.

20.00 – 21.00 Open space – All in JULMYS!
– Bring some fika for potluck! We provide with glögg.

WHEN: 20/12 kl. 18.00-21.00
WHERE: Underverket, Hasselgatan 8
PRICE: 150 kr (pay cash or swish on the evening)

Any questions? Write to…
Julia Johansson, 076 81 95 821
Stina Stomby,, 076 16 66 837

We look forward to see all of you!
Warm heartly welcome ♥
Stina and Julia